This blog is where I shall post my updates on life. It is part of my ongoing transition towards digital minimalism where I try to reduce the number of social networks that I have. I decided that a blog should best suit me, so here it is.

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Latest updates

Fibr at last, contemplating on “de-commissioning” this blog

Fibr at last Finally, after six months of waiting for PLDT to upgrade our Internet connection, we are finally Fibr-powered. That is, we have finally switched to fiber optics instead of the copper wire connection used in the past. As a result, we finally have a much reliable Internet connection. Plus, we finally opted for…More

More issues to begin with: abrogation of UP-DND Accord

Now that the national immunization program of our government is in serious shambles, there could never be a greater time to throw in more distraction for the greater public. And what do they have here. The Department of National Defense has unilaterally abrogated the UP-DND Accord which prohibits military and police presence on campuses of…More

Sinovac or “Kickvac”?

The Philippine government under Duterte is insisting on Sinovac’s vaccines as independent trials confirm its limited efficacy. Worse, Sinovac vaccines are the second-most expensive vaccines that will be available for Filipinos under the pending national immunization program. This begs the question, “why?” Of course, it now appears that authorities are getting kickbacks from the Sinovac…More

I’m off to a good start

I haven’t posted anything for the past 14 days. Yes, I’m opening my sentence with that since it has become my “mini” resolution to post more frequently than before. The thing is, I can’t usually think of updates to post since I’m too lazy to think of one! But anyhow, my 2021 is off to…More

Happy Holidays, 2020!

Happy holidays, everyone! Indeed, these are hard times that we live in. However, we have something to be thankful for, so it’s worth remembering and being grateful for those. Also, we must march ahead and look ahead to better times. Since the pandemic isn’t over, the golden advice remains: wear a face mask at all…More

Attack on Titan: full steam ahead

Attack on Titan Season 4 has finally landed. Although whole season didn’t get released in one go, it still is a treat for all AoT fans who have been waiting for the definitive conclusion to the beloved anime. I myself is not an Attack on Titan fan, but I particularly enjoyed watching the anime because…More