The shattering of the back + thoughts on software updates (Random thoughts #6)

The shattering of the back … or the fragility of phones today

Last November 27, something unthinkable happened on my almost two-year-old flagship. Its glass back shattered because of an accident brought about by ignorance.

See, I use my phone in the bathroom. Instead of putting the phone on a safe place, I put it in an unstable position on the top of bathroom closet. So, the next thing I know is a loud bang that seemed like a stone dropped to the floor. Except, it was my phone. The top right corner completely shattered, with a large chip on the metal frame. Thankfully, my phone is still operational.

I have already emailed the service center regarding repairs of this nature. I should hear from them soon. I am determined to have my phone repaired, since I really plan to use it for two more years.

In case anyone’s wondering, the phone is a OnePlus 6T.

Abysmal software updates for the Android ecosystem

Now, here’s a bigger problem that I have to point out: the abysmal updates for most Android phones. It really grinds my gears that no Android manufacturer in the world is offering updates for much longer.

Granted, Samsung and Google already offers updates for three years. However, this is still abysmal when compared to iPhones which readily offers up to five years of software updates. Some might point out that this is not a valid comparison, given the complex factors involved in pushing software updates for longer. (E.g. the cost of development and testing)

But please, can any Android manufacturer offer four years of software updates? I’d be really happy to see any company do this. Google, can you do it for next year’s Pixel? If yes, sign me up on your list of #teamPixel members!

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