Attack on Titan: full steam ahead

Attack on Titan Season 4 has finally landed. Although whole season didn’t get released in one go, it still is a treat for all AoT fans who have been waiting for the definitive conclusion to the beloved anime.

I myself is not an Attack on Titan fan, but I particularly enjoyed watching the anime because of its story and emotional depth. Even though it still has its some quirks, the anime delivers perfectly on these fronts: plot, character development, pacing, and art style.

In my opinion, every season is worth a second look for the holidays to remind ourselves of the grim situation that we are still facing. Ok, that may seem an overkill but what I wanted to say is that the overall atmosphere of AoT parallels the situation that we find ourselves in.

I haven’t yet seen the first episode of AoT Season 4, but I have high hopes for it. Right now, I’m busy finishing the anime Great Pretender, a story of con artists who always go for the bad guys.

Now, as I have written before, I will be posting my review of Attack on Titan (if all goes well and I don’t procrastinate!) And if I have time to spare, maybe I’ll drop in a review of Great Pretender.

As I write this, we only have five days to go before Christmas. So, happy holidays and stay safe as always.

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