I’m off to a good start

I haven’t posted anything for the past 14 days. Yes, I’m opening my sentence with that since it has become my “mini” resolution to post more frequently than before. The thing is, I can’t usually think of updates to post since I’m too lazy to think of one!

But anyhow, my 2021 is off to a good start. I remain super optimistic that I would retain this mood for the rest of the year, considering the downs I’ve experience last year. The only thing is, my mental health issue is flaring up once again. However, now I knew better so I will bounce back from this stronger than ever.

A side note to the US Capitol Violence

Truly, what has transpired in America over the past few weeks is beyond belief. The violence just showed the fragility of US democracy which has long been fueled by disinformation and the rise of “alternate” voices that claim to hold the truth. It is an act worthy of condemnation.

Trump just can’t accept his defeat. The American people have spoken, so it’s time for him to boot out of office. (Or maybe, he’s just taking a page out of Marcos’ playbook. Damn, those two can really get along so well!)

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