More issues to begin with: abrogation of UP-DND Accord

Now that the national immunization program of our government is in serious shambles, there could never be a greater time to throw in more distraction for the greater public.

And what do they have here. The Department of National Defense has unilaterally abrogated the UP-DND Accord which prohibits military and police presence on campuses of the University of the Philippines (UP) without lawful notice.

I, for one, do have separate thoughts on this. (I strongly oppose the abrogation on the basis if Lorenzana’s false claims.) But my main point here is that the government is using this issue again to distract us from the reality of a failing immunization program — if there was one to begin with.

I said failing because our government has not yet clearly revealed its sound vaccination strategy. On top of that, the government seems to be one step behind on crucial information about the vaccines. What’s the deal with those confidential prices of Sinovac’s vaccines anyway?

Let’s not be distracted on this immediate fact that our government has not yet formulated a clear and sound vaccination plan. Worse, it seems like they have no plans to do so in the near future. They are just going to wait until someone (or something) picks up the pieces then claim that they did it.

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