Fibr at last, contemplating on “de-commissioning” this blog

Fibr at last

Finally, after six months of waiting for PLDT to upgrade our Internet connection, we are finally Fibr-powered. That is, we have finally switched to fiber optics instead of the copper wire connection used in the past. As a result, we finally have a much reliable Internet connection.

Plus, we finally opted for a speed bump. In the past, we are only limited to 5Mbps but now we finally took the bite and switched to 50Mbps. Talk about a major upgrade.

Should I stop using WordPress and de-commission my blog ?

My experiment on using WordPress for weekly updates has been O.K. in the beginning. However, I’m thinking of ending my blog due to two reasons:

  1. WordPress has lots of tracking elements by default. I don’t want to put unnecessary trackers on random visitors, and I also oppose the idea of putting ads on my personal blog. (WordPress surely knows how to put intrusive ads and banners!)
  2. I haven’t really thought through of how I should proceed with this blog. Sure, it’s fun and all to post some updates from time to time, but it also comes with some privacy issues.
  3. The editor interface of WordPress can get easily complicated. If I’m really sticking ahead with a personal blog, I just want a clean and minimal interface to write my own thoughts.

However, my decision is not yet etched in stone. Expect lesser posts on this blog in the future though. My Medium blog is still up — but I’m also deciding to stop blogging there in the near future.

Kenrick Buduan, (not completely) signing out.

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